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Sena Company is a producer and exporter of all kinds of nuts and dried fruits, legumes, and Iranian medicinal plants. Our family is one of the oldest producers in Iran with a history of more than 110 years. We are one of the experts in the production of nuts and dried fruits, legumes, high quality medicinal plants in Iran and we are proud of our ability to continuously provide the best product for our customers around the world. Our many years of experience in this field have made us adapt to the changing conditions of the market and be able to keep our customers satisfied despite the competitive prices.

With the cooperation of farmers and major producers across the country, we have created a structure to connect with a wide range of domestic and foreign customers and meet their needs in the fields of nuts and dried fruits, legumes, medicinal plants. Our national distribution chart has the ability to meet all the needs of our customers across the country and the world. Our main office is in Isfahan. But we have active agencies and busy workshops all over the country.

What do our customers say?

  • MohammadReza Mirzaie

    If the health and quality of nuts is important to you, I recommend Senas

    MohammadReza Mirzaie - Customer
  • Sheida Khasheei

    They really have the best spices, housewives, I recommend you prepare 100%

    Sheida Khasheei - Customer
  • Mehdi Najafi

    Really, medicinal plants have the best effectiveness. Really great

    Mehdi Najafi - Customer

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